About this blog

    "The most difficult thing is to know 
what we do know, and what we do not know."

   These words are the first that appear in Chapter I of P.D. Ouspensky's classic Tertium Organum. Although published in 1922, his words--in my opinion--are as intriguing today as they were then and serve as the impetus for this blog, alongside my own ruthless optimism and determination to understand and do something about the human condition.
   There is, I assure you, more to this site than meets the eye. I say that in part because I believe there is more than meets the eye to everything in life. Is my life or this blog any more unique than any other? I would like to think so, but the answer is probably not, at least as it pertains to perhaps 99.9999 percent of the people who might happen to stumble upon it. But I'm an optimist, and out there, somewhere, sifting through the millions of blogs swirling around cyberspace is that one person for whom something I write will truly mean something. And maybe, just maybe, that one person will change the world.
  This site is about the social sciences, philosophical inquiry, futurism and the difficult challenge of fully understanding human nature -- if such a thing is even possible. It is about common sense and rational thought.
   It is not primarily about opinion. There's plenty of opinion here, but rants are a dime a dozen and to me asking questions and thinking critically is far more important. So is seeking - and demanding - sufficient evidence for the things we choose to believe.

Steve Rensberry  --  srensberry@sentientsynergy.com

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