Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beyond reality

By Steve Rensberry

Imagine an existence without limits.

In you and through you lies everything there is and everything there can be. Your knowledge of reality is comprehensive and all encompassing. Your power is beyond perfection. At will you are able to alter, mix, rearrange and manifest every conceivable physical force and particle in the universe.

You live in a world of infinite existence and unlimited ability. You can freeze time, reverse it or speed it up. You can heighten your senses or dull them. All there is to know you know. There are no mysteries but those you choose to place at your discretion.

Far from a lack of meaning, there is life as rich and deep as you desire because the very essence of worth, the sum total of all that is of value and relevance, is within your ability to manifest.

Can you conceive of such an existence? Can you wrap your mind around the immortal and the infinite? I think you can, in a limited but useful way because of that amazing faculty we have to imagine and conceptualize.

Perhaps today, in your magnanimous world, you may assume the role of a beggar, penniless and hungry because at this moment in existence that is exactly what you want to be. Tomorrow, maybe you’ll be a banker, or a farmer, or a gymnast competing in an Olympic trial.

Better yet, picture yourself at the dawn of all creation, undertaking the most ambitious of experiments -- splitting yourself into no less than a billion smaller selves -- creatures resembling yourself only finite and fragile, each unique, conscious and self aware.

Five hundred billion years this experience shall last before the trigger you’ve placed at the cornerstone of time changes course.

You may, of course, know by your very nature what will happen. Of course you will. But you also may isolate this little experimental world of wonder from everything and anything -- in your own little self-imposed, schizophrenic shell. Maybe sticking the whole blasted thing on some tiny little rock in the depths of an enormous expanse of nothingness will do. Certainly it will, for the creation is yours and you are both truth and existence personified.

You are reality. And reality is you. You are invincible, indescribable and never, ever wrong - because you are the ruler with which all things are measured. You are perfect and nothing else applies. You are brilliant. You are everything.

.....and you are imaginary.

Carl Sagan on God, Faith and Religion