Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Knowledge without limits

By Steve Rensberry

So strong
So unbelievably silent.
So incredibly sweltering and pathetic.
How many are there? The walking dead?
The heartbroken? The rejected and demonized?

Feared by those who dare not understand.
Scorned. Forgotten. Does anyone see?
Does anyone care? To free these 
minds from their

But time
does its work,
when suddenly it stops.
Frozen. Shut down like a switch.
Dissolved in despair. No
tears. No memory.
No more 

the leap
you would
think, now was it?
A simple door, held from within.
There to be opened.
Or forever shut. 
The choice 
is yours.

Who knew,
within this infinite dream,
the limitations of thought? That like Occam's
razor, the answer with the fewest
unnecessary assumptions
is most often

That what
we all want is
but the same exact thing?
Life without death. Laughter without
pain. Knowledge without limits.
Is that, my friend, really
too much to

Carl Sagan on God, Faith and Religion